Features and functionality

Personnel selection

Information about the candidate: CV, motivation letter, recommendations. Information about the process of interviews: time, participants, notes and results of… Vairāk »

Labor Protection

Automated generation of the annual health examination sheet, results of medical examinations (diagnosis, assigned treatment) and terms of further medical… Vairāk »

Competences and qualification of employees

Listing of competences of the employees, starting from the acquired education (year of graduation, institution, state, degree) and ending with… Vairāk »

Assessment of professional performance of employees

Supports the process of assessment of employees’ performance. Within the assessment process, it is also possible to accumulate information about… Vairāk »

Working time accounting

Number of days/hours worked per employee in the structural unit cross-section. Timesheet generation and electronic approval. Timesheet management in the… Vairāk »

Business trips

Information about the business trip: time, place, host organization (event), group composition, subject, etc. Planning and following-up the business trip… Vairāk »

Absence of employees

Automatic calculation of vacation days and vacation period depending on the working period within the company, additional days of vacation,… Vairāk »

Development, circulation, and storage of personnel documents

Support for the work with all types of personnel documents: employment agreements, orders, agreement documents, etc. Various kinds of employment… Vairāk »

Company structure

Information about company structure for various organizational models. A structural unit is characterized by its name, level in the organization,… Vairāk »

Personnel accounting

Maintenance of the employee card information (passport details, position held and structural unit, working time, etc.). Maintenance of information about… Vairāk »