The technological platform for system implementation is IBM Notes/Domino. The Domino server operational system – MS Windows Server or IBM certified Linux distributive. The IBM Notes software (server and client) works in a MS Windows, Linux, or Apple environment.
The offered technological solution supports both a centralized and decentralized solution for the companies with a geographically scattered structure.


Most substantial possibilities ensured by the technological platform

  • The user software development environment is oriented toward processing documental information (from e-mail to a structured document).
  • Multi-user database employing client/server technology.
  • User authorization with an increased degree of safety.
  • Data encryption (by RSA 128-bit key), data transmission in computer networks or other data channels (SSL protocol) and electronic signing of documents.
  • Software and data copying and synchronization (Replications) to the local workstation.
  • Electronic mail system, calendar planner, resource reservation system, etc. These elements have been mutually integrated and form a united environment.
  • Storage, systematization and archiving the accumulated information, including files of any format.
  • Search mechanisms for comprehensive data selection, result arrangement and analysis (including in the attached files, which contain textual information: doc, odt, pdf, etc.).
  • IBM Notes maintains Unicode, which provides for multi-language mode for data entering or user interface, including the Latvian standard cp-1257.
  • Systems developed in the IBM Notes environment may be used in the internet environment or as a desktop solution.